January 31, 2010

36 Weeks! (nine months!!)

  • He should weigh around 6 pounds now. With the way I've been eating lately, I wouldn't be shocked if he were more around 10, maybe 12 pounds. Especially with the weight I've been packing on. But let's not touch that subject...
  • One more week and I'd say he's perfectly cooked and ready.
  • This whole time I've been pregnant I've been dreading labor. Mostly because of the awkward/uncomfortable-ness of the whole situation, not because of the pain so much. Now with 4 weeks left....I'm more than ready.
  • I still have braxton hicks but they've been much more painful then before. I'm wondering if it's the actual contractions starting to come on. Sometimes they get so strong they wake me up. They don't come on frequently though.
  • I don't know what kind of positions he is pulling or what he is even capable of at this point, but my stomach is rarely ever round, like normal pregnant women. It has various shapes throughout the day. Sometimes egg shaped, sometimes heart shaped, sometimes donut shaped (you would totally understand if you could see them). Usually it's just completely lobsided.
  • They say around this far along the baby won't be able to move as much, so you won't be feeling kicks and punches, just more squirms and little movements. Not this little guy. In fact, I think he moves MORE than he used to. I love feeling him and knowing that he's doing good in there, but holy moly! He has no more room! Shouldn't he just be chillen by now?!
  • We love: cold cereal, anything candy, sherbet ice cream
  • We hate: grilled chicken, ground beef, and bread that's not soft enough.
  • I have one pair of pants and about 3 shirts that fit me comfortably right now. Other than that everything is too small or too tight. Looks like I'll be staying home for the next four weeks in my sweats.
  • I'm scared to death of taking care of his wee man parts after he's circumsized. Really. It keeps me up at night. I know he'll be just fine and he won't be in any pain afterwards, but it's just the thought of what's going to happen to him. I can't imagine my poor baby going through anything like that. Please tell me this is a normal feeling?!


The Shearers said...

You look amazing! Whenever Jerry and I get around to having kiddos, I hope I look even half as good as you! I'm so excited for you and Straton! :-)

aspenfamilymedicine said...

Okay... boy parts. I had the same concern. And the circumcision TOTALLY SUCKS. If you can force your husband to take command of that situation while you stay home I strongly recommend it. However, the little boy parts aren't so bad and the healing happens fast... And with little GIRL parts... well, they have so many more "nooks" and "crannies" to clean. The boy parts (since I DO have one of each) are quicker to clean. Okay... that's all I have to share about cleaning baby parts tonight. (that AND my husband saw one of your pics and said your stomach looked triangular... I don't think you mentioned that shape in your list...) Can't wait to see this kid~ he's going to be beautiful and it will bring a dynamic to your life you never could have imagined before! : ) Love to watch you from afar via the blog!

Lexsie and Steve said...

Oh Gerber!
I love the nursery. So Cute. Personally, I think you should have left up the cheetah print! :)

Auntie Jan said...

Lauren ad Straton, The secret is Petroleum Jelly!!! I used to stick my finger in the jar and pull out a BIG chunk of it ad wrap it around the tip of the penis. (i know i'm getting technical...) then you can even wrap a little gauze around it at the begining (when it's real red). But, the good thing is , it heals in a few days. He will cry, though, when he pees, jus give him extra lovin!! The hospital will give you instructions, too. Boys are fun!!

Jaime said...

Joan thought that was a picture of me.