January 26, 2010

pregnancy fun fact #1

My sister told me that I don't ever take pictures of

A. my entire pregnant self, and
B. my pregnant self with Straton.

There is really only two words I can say to explain why I haven't done so.

Water Retention

Yes. It's taking over my body like no.other. Let me just say, I had cankles to begin with (I'll resist the temptation of telling you all which one of my parents I get that from. She already knows), but I now have uber cankles, and no definition of a calf muscle even existing.

You know that feeling you get when you've worn your hair up in a ponytail much too tight all day long, and when you finally take it out, your scalp just aches with fury?! Similar feeling I get when I take my socks off at night. I even have a ring around my cankle from the elastic.

Going weeks without shaving my legs + cankles = the unsexiest thing you just might ever see.

But, because I'm just that caring, I'll post this beauty to keep you happy. Everyone say thanks to Julie for making it happen.

{35 weeks}


Jaime said...

Ahhh I feel as though it was just yesterday that I was in a dressing room with you trying on the fake belly to see what you were gonna look like. Wish i could see you before you pop.

Julie said...


Mom said...

Oh, and by the way, I think that there is a smudge on your mirror! HaHa!!

Anonymous said...

look at all that sympathy weight!!!