January 21, 2010

What I've learned so far

  • Maternity clothes that say "One Size Fits All", they're really saying "One Size Fits only this skinny, probably not even pregnant, model used in this advertising picture".
  • I've mastered peeing in a cup.
  • From here on out, the word stirrups will always make me cringe.
  • Sleep is almost impossible.
  • It's probably better just to keep the bathroom light on all night. And if Straton just so happens to leave the toilet lid up, it will only save me from exerting that much more energy.
  • When wearing a nice shirt, wear a bib. Apparently my lips can't hold back any food or water like they used to.
  • I'm lucky to shave my legs once a week. I can barely see nor reach them.
  • Don't get offended when Straton tells me to get my hairy man legs off his at night.
  • Some people sleep until noon....
  • Strangers like to stare. You'd think they'd be used to the other 500 pregnant women walking around Logan by now.
  • Soda is gold. I'm getting the biggest caffeinated soda right after I deliver.


Mom said...

HaHaHaHa! It will all be worth it!! XOXOXO

Ben and Brie Smith said...

that is so funny about the soda thing! i just had my first mt. dew the other night and MAN it was GOOD!!!probably wont have another one til after the pregnancy but i enjoyed every minute of it!

Jaime said...

Holy Hannah, I can't believe you only have 36 more days to go. When is mom coming out? How long is she staying? Are you starting to freak out a little?

The Gerbers said...

Jaime- Until they do a physical exam in a couple of weeks, we won't know for sure when mom is coming out. It all just depends on when my dr. think I will go. And I have no idea how long she is staying. As for the freaking out, I'm just ready to wear normal clothes and sleep on my stomach again. Nervous yes. Ready YES.

Julie said...

bahahahaha. The more kids you have, the less often you shave your legs. I'm going on 5 months. Jeremy doesn't even notice anymore. Awwwesome.

Stoddards said...

Your so hilarious!
Please you are still so small. I would of loved to look like you when I was pregnant.