March 2, 2010

Oaklen's Birth Story

Feb. 28th-  (due date)
At Nana's house to watch the Olympics and eat pizza. Had braxton hicks the whole time. Came home to play Skipbo. Bet that if I won, I would go into labor and have baby the next day. (I won)

March 1st- 
2:30 a.m.- Contractions started and were about an hour apart.
5:30 a.m.- I got up and paced around the room to see if they would fade, but they didn't.   
6:30 a.m.- Contractions were about every 7-10 minutes apart, and getting closer.
7:30 a.m.- I woke up Straton and told him to get ready to go to the hospital. Woke up mom. Got ready and packed our stuff in the car.
9:00 a.m.- Checked into the hospital. Dilated to a 3.
10:00 a.m.- The nurse told me to walk around the halls for an hour. I kept walking by someone's room who was in the middle of pushing and it made me want to start running around the halls to get him out. Until the big contractions hit.
10:30 a.m.- Contractions were getting pretty painful, and I wanted to lay back in bed, but was too afraid of the crazy nurse who made it clear that I was not to come back to my room until at least 10:50.
Between 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. I had an epidural (amazing!), dilated from a 3-4-5-7-10 (dilated about every hour - hour and a half), and heard about 2 or 3 babies born around my room. (although there were 10 that day!)
5:00 p.m.- dilated to a 10 and started pushing. The only trouble i was having was that I was so hungry (hadn't eaten for almost 24 hours), so I was having lots of hunger pains in my ribs. The nurse would leave the room sometimes (not very long), leaving just Straton and I, and told us to continue pushing if I felt up to it. I think I did better that way, although it was a little scary being alone.
7:00 p.m.- Straton asked the nurse how long they let someone push before considering a c-section. We were all afraid I had head pelvic disproportion (small pelvis) like my mom. The nurse told us after 2 hours (which is right where we were) they talk to the doctor to see what they think. Luckily she told us not too worry too much because Oaklen's head was crowning. That's when I started to push like crazy!
7:35 p.m. (about) - Dr. shows up with Oaklen just about out. She had to hold his head while putting her gloves on. Needless to say, she came right in time.
7:42 p.m.- Oaklen is born!!!

That moment was hands down the best moment of my life. Sharing that with Straton was such a blessing and such an amazing feeling. 17 hours of labor meant nothing to me once they put him on my chest. I am still in awe that he is here and completely healthy and happy. Life is great. I'm so happy to have a wonderful loving husband like Straton, and even more blessed to have a child with him. We're incredibly happy and excited to be parents!

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