June 4, 2010

Siera's Graduation

Last night was Siera's graduation, and we all went out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. It was also Siera's best friend's last night in Utah. Julie lives in Norway and was an exchange student for the school year. Her family came to pick her up and take her home, so they celebrated with us as well. I could barely pronounce their names. I'm not going to try and spell them out.

Julie's dad, Julie's step-mom, Julie's little brother. Good enough.

Of course we had to have Julie and Siera on the saddle, because whats a celebration at Roadhouse without it?

{The video cuts out because I ran out of memory! Pictures will have to make up for the rest.}

1 comment:

Julie from Norway said...

Hahahahahha! Are you serious Lauren!!! hahah! The saddle!!! Gosh, that was embarrassing :D