July 3, 2010

Road Trip

Oaklen had his first road trip to Klamath Falls, Oregon. We went to see my family which was much needed. I'm still trying to persuade them into moving to Utah. Fingers crossed.

Oaklen got to do things like,

Meet cousin Sawyer:

Be with Sawyer on his blessing day:

And eat rice cereal for the first time:

And Daddy did a lot of this:

We miss you all already. Hurry up and move to Utah!


GiGi said...

Lauren: So happy you made it home OK - I loved meeting (and holding) Oaklen for the first time. Just so you know, the stack of clothes I brought home from your stash will help a Scout earn his Eagle - he is collecting clothes for DI. Together with the bags I already had waiting to go, he will make quite a killing at my house!!! Kisses to Oaklen.

Jaime said...

Love and kisses to Oak from his Olsen cousins. we miss you