August 18, 2010

Blackberry Delights

Sometimes we're total camera bums. When an opportune picture taking moment comes along, we're left stranded. Sometimes I just can't help this. If only I remembered to put the camera back in the diaper bag each time after re-filling it with extra clean outfits for the little tyke, and a plethora of binkies, toys, diapers and whatever useless thing that we "just might need".

Which is why I say thank goodness for good ol' camera phones. We have half of Oaklen's life on Straton's trusty Blackberry. And the occasional crazy thing we just can't pass up.

So now we have a new category to add to our blog. The pictures taken from Straton's phone.

I present to you:

Blackberry Delights

{new johnny jump up. Which he has yet to jump in.}

{coach Gerber. all he's missing is a clipboard and a whistle.}

{Landon taking Oaklen for a stroll}

{a preview of our newly remodeled living room. LOVE}

{Oaklen, Mommy and my polygamist hair.}

{how Straton prefers to sleep. yes, that's his face wedged between the pillow.}

{the stink eye}

{Sophie and James, wearing grandpa's shorts.}

the end.

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