August 12, 2010

New Look # 237

Sometimes when I start something that I really love, I'll stay up however long it takes to get it done. It doesn't help either, that my ideas can change from this to that in record breaking time. Funny how things work.

In reality I always start something I am to lazy to can't finish, and I hate change. But in "computer world" it's the exact opposite. I really wish I could flip that.

Which is why I have changed my blog layout for the umpteenth time. But I am happy to say that I looove it and will be sticking to it. If you want a blog like mine check out Leelou Blogs, or email me for details!

1 comment:

The Shearers said...

I LOVE it. Seriously. Soooo cute! Your little one is getting so big! He's too cute!