September 7, 2010

Blackberry Delights

{man using extreme caution while crossing road}

{right outside Taco Bell on Main. the new "chicken" gordita}

{someone is gonna score big at D.I.}

{our new car!! ok not really. It's the father-in-law's new car}

{this little piggy liked roast beef...}

{determination, my friends}

{lazy dog}


Anonymous said...

haha! I LOVE these!

Jaime said...

Whaaaat,Wait...your gonna tell me you guys wern't the ones that scored big with those WICKED chairs at DI??

Anonymous said...

i hope that find dosen't end up at the christmas party.


hahaha! i love these blackberry delights! i especially love the man crossing the road holding the orange flag! sooo funny!