September 27, 2010

do yourself a favor...

and read this book!!!!

For our anniversary, Straton and I each picked out a book at Borders. Yeah, we're 80 year olds who buy each other books instead of roses, or lingerie for our 2nd anniversary.
I wanted every single book I saw, so when I had to make up my mind, I went for this one. I've never heard or seen it before, but the bright red cover attacked me. I thought for sure it was going to be some dorky sci-fi type of book, but once I read the back, I figured I would give it a shot.

I read it in 2 nights, my friends. Staying up until 4 in the morning because I could not put it down. It's amazing. If I tell you what it's about, you'll act as you did when someone told you to read a book about vampires and werewolfs, so I'll just sum it all up and tell you it's about reincarnation. Take my word.

This is her website if you want some more info without me scaring you out of reading it. Please let me know when you read it! I need someone to discuss this with!

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