September 9, 2010

This & That

I'm so happy that we finally get to fill all the empty picture frames in our house with these....

Sam and his wife Nikki from Your Vantage Photography took these beautiful pictures of our family, and we are so happy with them! Oaklen was such a sport the entire time and had a smile in almost every picture.

Straton is going to be so happy now that we can fill the empty picture frame on our living room shelf. It's been empty for the entire 2 years we've been married now.

Thank you Sam and Nikki!


Can you believe I have a half year old?! I'm not gonna lie to all of you, I'm SO baby hungry. And not even just baby hungry, but I've been jealous of all the pregnant women I see. I'm belly hungry...?? If I even tried to bring up talk about having another baby soon, Straton just might faint over dead. 

Besides the newborn stage, because that will always be my favorite baby time, I think this is my favorite age so far. Oaklen is becoming so much of a little person and talking and playing! It's so fun. 


I've finished the Mocking Jay in the Hunger Games series a little while ago, and I wasn't super happy with it. I liked everything but the ending. The author is so thorough and detailed in her books, but when it came to the ending, it was like she had a limited amount of pages left so she crammed everything in. I wouldn't want the book to end any other way though. If that makes sense...?? 


I've recently been called into the nursery of our ward, and as I'm really excited about it, I'm also really nervous because of Oaklen. He's still young enough that I need to watch/hold/feed him and so he can't always be with me or just with Straton. It's going to be a learning process with that situation. But I've been having a lot of fun with the kids and am excited to do little lessons with them! Lessons as in, distract them with food and something really interesting to listen to for the 2 minutes that you have their attention. It should be fun. 

**Do any of you have experience in the nursery? Any tips/hints you can give me?


Charlotte Ann said...

GREAT pictures!! Lovely family pictures and so glad that you'll be able to fill your frames! I need to do the same thing!


CUTE family pictures! Oaklen is ADORABLE!

Jaime said...

I'll send you some awesome links on nursery. xoxoxox to Oaklen! And Stratty!

Auntie Patty said...

Lauren I love these pictures!! You all look SOOOO good!! Oaklen is the cutest and has the most beautiful blue eyes! His six month picture is adorable, he is sitting up so straight! How cute is that??? He's growing up so fast! You'll enjoy every phase until about 16 years old! LOL You've got lot's of time!!!! Love you

GiGi said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! XOXOXO to all!

Jake said...

Your little guy is a stud!.. but what else would I expect from the Gerbers!?