November 17, 2010

biggest fear

Want to know something completely embarrassing funny? Besides the obvious insects, killers, clowns and this thing, I'm terrified/grossed out by these:

I can't stand bathtubs. The look, the feel, the nasty little suction mats that stick to the bottom of the floor so you don't slip....blah. So when you hear bathtub and think of something like this:

I'm thinking of something like this:

(minus the crazy pink)

*all images found from Google. Warning, do not Google "scary bathtubs" if you prefer to sleep at night. I'm gonna go vomit now.


Brittany said...

Oh dear, that last tub is nasty! I like a good bubble bath, but if I think about who has possibly used the tub before me, I get super creeped out. Luckily, we've got a new bathtub now so I don't have to worry about now. :)

And they didn't give us tube socks, but said we could make them or use a rolled up blanket. Hopefully it helps!

The Shearers said...

Bahahahaha!!!! You crack me up! I have a weird fear too that I've been made fun of for before. (Escalators. Long story. haha) I'll have to blog about it sometime. ;-)

GiGi said...

Oh dear!!! My one and only bathroom has a tub/shower combination and my tile is the original 1950's pink!! The tub is, thankfully, white. I guess I'll have to redecorate in order to invite you to my home overnight. Is Straton OK with a tub!!


oh my! i want to ralph! hilarious post though!