December 3, 2010


It may be possible that my child has the sweatiest feet ever. We discovered this unfortunate trait a few months ago when he literally had little sweat beads all over the bottoms of his feet. If I were to hold them up for a long period of time, it may also be possible that these little sweat beads would form into one big sweat bead, and drip off his foot. If he wears socks and shoes too long, his socks will actually be moist when I take them off.  Have I convinced you yet of just how sweaty they are? Because it blows my mind. We now have a Clammy T jr. on our hands.
Now that your all wondering where that brilliant name came from, I guess I should explain. Clammy T was a nickname bestowed to me by my so kind and thoughtful sister, Julie, because I myself have always had clammy hands, and in junior high I wore a matching gold necklace and bracelet. Clammy hands + Mr. T = Clammy T. Thanks, sis! ;)

This was Oaklen Clammy T jr. the other night trying to play with his piano, but having a terribly hard time standing, due to his grubby feet -

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Ben and Brie Smith said...

bahahah oh my goodness this is just too cute and too funny!! it definitely got me laughin!! so cute laur! i love how he's pretty much doin the splits in the end!! haha