December 14, 2010

we caught it

Nothing new to report here. Oaklen and I have been sick, sick with some cold-like virus and have lost our voices, and the ability to breathe through our nose at night. We're on day SEVEN and I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. PLUS, Straton is now starting to lose his voice. Here's to hoping that good health is just around the corner.

Thankfully Oaklen has been a trooper this last week and other than the awful sounds he makes when coughing and breathing, you wouldn't even know he's sick. He laughs and smiles a ton and sleeps a lot more throughout the day. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I get a lot more free time because I try to sleep when he sleeps, too. So that means the house is starting to stink a little like diapers and feet. I know, I know. 

Not only is Oaklen sleeping 3/4 of the day away but he also falls asleep easily outside of his crib. Especially in my arms or laying on Daddy. This is what happened at Grandma Gerber's house the other night:

and when he fell asleep on his back (never happens):

and when I set him down to brush my teeth and two minutes later I turn around to this:

Maybe I'll get up tomorrow and clean the house spotless. Hmmm...maybe not.

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Lindsay said...

Hope you all get better. That is no fun!