February 12, 2011

30 for 30: day 12

top: F21 / sweater: Old Navy / jeggins: AE / shoes: Bumper

This is where I got my inspiration today. Sydney is the cutest thing alive. And I'm so glad we wear somewhat similar things. Except for the fact that she looks like a magazine cover. And I....do not.

I've been trying to peak in on some of the other remixers for this 30 for 30 challenge, but did you see how many there are? It's exciting. I had no idea there would be that many ladies. Holla!


Kayla said...

My sister, Nikki, directed me here (I guess you know Sam?). I'm doing 30 for 30 too...I love it. And I love that you copied Syd...she is too cute for words.

Macy Dawn said...

I hear ya about that adorable Sydney - we just can't compete :) I love the look-a-like sweater you have. I was had sweater envy when I saw Sydney's. Now I think I will HAVE to get my own! :)