February 6, 2011

30 for 30: day 6

top: Banana Republic / skirt: DownEast Basics / shoes: F21

I hate football. I'll just say that right now. But I will admit that I like super bowl. Probably because I get to eat all the snacks while Straton watches the game. I especially like this game because he's watching Oaklen while I have lots of me time. Which includes watching reality t.v. AND playing on the computer. So....I guess football isn't that bad.


mk said...

these photos are seriously gorgeous, and i love that skirt, and your hair!! you're beautiful! :)


Tamuna said...

I agree with mk, I adore your hair!!! Simply gorgeous!


Carie said...

I'm loving your blog! Your outfits rock and I agree with the others, you have to-die-for hair.


patty said...

i am loving your skirt and tights!
and i really love your hair! so pretty

Lauren said...

Thanks, ladies!! =)