February 25, 2011

cry me a river

So I'm a little behind on posting my pictures for 30 for 30, but would you believe me if I told you I haven't cheated this whole time?! I've worn ONLY my 30 items everyday since day 1. But the only time I seem to have when it comes to taking pictures is late at night, and when that time rolls around I'm already exhausted. I'm hoping I'll get the rest of my pictures up today or tomorrow. No promises...

I've said this before but I'll say it again.
I'd never been one to cry or get emotional at...well, anything really. Sad movies, sad stories, inspirational or uplifting things. They just never hit that level of emotion with me. I remember watching P.S. I Love You in theaters with two of my friends and I finally cried. Tears streaming down my face, bawl like a baby type of crying. But who doesn't when watching that movie for the first time? Best movie ever.

Then I got pregnant and ohmygosh I could cry at anything. And I did. This commercial still has me in tears the minute it starts playing. I finally had to turn the channel or turn away from the t.v. anytime it was on.
(And just now while trying to find that video, I found this one and, water works, all over again)

I thought for sure once I was done being pregnant I wouldn't be so emotional.


Last night as we were driving home we had to pull over for a fire truck racing through with lights and sirens. I kept thinking how respectful it is of people to make way for them (law or not), and BAM. Tears. All because I thought it was cool that people pulled over.

This is getting a tad bit ridiculous. I can't stop!

This is the same face I predict I'll have when singing Happy Birthday to Oaklen next week.
Next week?? Oh my gosh. Here I go again....


Lauren and Carter said...

I am the hugest crybaby in the whole world. I always have been, but it got worse when I got married (I honestly don't think it's birth control, I think it's just there's more to cry about...my husband dying etc.) and has been getting even worse the past few months. And I'm not even pregnant. I'm a little nervous for what happens then. (And then when I'm a mom...)

Anonymous said...