March 10, 2011

Oaklen's party [pt. 2]

I'm not sure if this is mostly a Utah thing or not, but my family had never heard of a "smash cake". I think the parents normally give the birthday child a cupcake or slice of cake to eat/smash/spread all over the place, but we go all out. Or at least I did. So instead of giving him the normal cupcake, etc. I made him a mini 3 tiered cake for him to dive into. Why not, right?

Although he didn't get too crazy with the cake (I figured he wouldn't), he did make a good enough mess. I was washing icing out from the creases in his thighs to the backs of his ears. 

(before I overload you with pictures) 
Hang tight! There's one more part! And it's my favorite...

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Holly Shaw said...

I love the cake! It looks so delicious!