April 15, 2011

new changes are on the way

I'm the kind of person who hates change. Whether big or small, I don't like switching things up. 
Here's what doesn't make sense to me, though. 
I can't stand things being the same for long periods of time. Things like my looks, the style of my home, clothing style...it all gets boring to me and I need a change. 
I'm just too much of a pansy to actually do something about it. 
I'd rather keep with the flow of things than change it up and hate the end result. 

Is any of this making sense? I totally feel like I'm rambling. 

Anyway, I'm changing things up! I'm starting small, but change is happening!
I'm extremely nervous about this first one. Stay tuned....


Have you seen Pinterest yet? 
I've heard about it for a while from different bloggers and decided I'd give it a go. 
Because I apparently need something else to consume my time. 
 Anywho, it's fantastic. 


The Shearers said...

Not gonna lie, I thought for a second that you were gonna say your eggo was preggo! haha

Lauren and Carter said...

I recently got on Pinterest too, I love it. And agree - why did I need something else to consume my time? But it's a genius idea. I just started following you. :)