April 5, 2011

Poor Oakie

This was my view at 3:30 AM last night.

I spent 2 hours holding, rocking and feeding him ice cubes. He had a high fever and refused a wash cloth on his forehead. So I moved his crib mattress to the floor, grabbed a pillow and blanket for me and sat next to my Oakie all night. Good news is he's all better today! Or so it seems. It usually always hits hard at night, so we'll be keeping a close eye on him all day. But it's all smiles again and I couldn't be happier!


I had my very own little shout out over here today, which makes me feel very special. 

I declare today a good day. Rain or snow, fever or no fever. It's a good day.


Amanda Marie said...

Oh no, a stomach bug is making it's rounds at our house this week, so far it's taken out momma and daddy.. I'm so afraid Gavin is next. Glad to see Oaklen is feeling better! He is too precious for words! :)

Lauren and Carter said...

He looks so cuddly though....poor guy. But his smiles are too adorable! Hope he is okay!

CC said...

Poor baby! Fevered nights are the worst. We had one a couple of nights ago, according the doc it was a fever virus. Nice, huh. Hope he feels better soon.

Meema said...

Lauren if his fever is high take off his shirt too. Poor guy! I wish I were there!! He needs some popsycles! You are a good mom to lay with him all night!