June 21, 2011

<< weekend

As much as I love relaxing by the pool and being a lazy little fart for the last week and a half, I have to say it's good to be home. I have projects that have been screaming my name for weeks and a house that is buried under laundry and dirty dishes. So this week is pretty much dedicated to cleaning, organizing and working on a better daily routine. But while I have 3.4 seconds before Oaklen figures out I'm not reading him the (26th) book of the day, I'll show you a glimpse of what our weekend looked like.


1. mama & Oak at the Logan temple
2. Logan temple
3. Oak and random kitty at the temple. I literally had to drag him away from this cat as he was screaming and reaching for more hugs.
4. teaching Oak how to roll down the hill
5. my white chocolate with strawberry and graham crackers caramel apple from Summerfest
6. Straton Jack Sparrow making a visit at a pirate themed family party.
7. pirate ship
8. Oak sword fighting like a champ


Amanda Marie said...

Oaken is such a handsome little stud!! I love the last picture.. his shoes and jeans are too cute, I just wanna eat him up!!

CC said...

That is the most awesome pirate ship ever! So cool!
I also love your maxi dress ensemble and you little Oaklen is too precious for words. :)

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

That's a amazing how you make the picture move (where you are teaching him to roll)... Is it a video recording... or multiple shots of the same picture ? Jael

Kris and Holly Garlitz said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun :)

Lauren said...

Jael: it's a series of pictures put together.