June 29, 2011

Bear Lake - 1

I had to label this Bear Lake trip number 1 because there will probably be 76 more visits before the summer ends. I would live at the cabin all summer if I could. But there is no internet. Me + no internet = death.

Our nieces and nephew have been visiting from Illinois for the last few weeks and we spent last weekend with them at the cabin. There is no better way to babysit, I'll tell you what. They can run outside, play in the water, play in the sand, make messes and play games all day. Which sounds about the same as my daily schedule at the lake, come to think of it.


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Tyson Gerber said...

Oh man that water is SOOO high. I love the picture of oak's bum - ah so many fun summers. That's what Ty misses the most - the lake. Oh how he loved the lake!