December 20, 2011

cabin fever

I hate winter time. Not just because it lasts for what seems like forever, or that I'm always freezing cold, or that it's ugly outside if the snow has melted away.
I am so unbelievably bored.
What is there to even do around this town with a toddler? A toddler who reminds me why I can't take him out in public places, every single time we go out in a public place. (Somehow I keep forgetting that he is kind of a monster when he's out running errands with mom.)
I have got to figure something out before we both go crazy.

1. Oak playing in the heat from the vent
2. after church
3. refusing to take a picture with mom
4. sleepy baby and his cute, tiny toes
5. always reading
6. my awesome white elephant gift of the Biebs. Check out those muscles.

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