January 21, 2012

i can't think of a cool post title

Excuse the lack of posting. I feel like blogging has had it's fifteen minutes of fame, and I'm a little burned out with it. Not to mention it's become nothing but Oaklen updates. Which is a good thing, but hopefully I'll be turning my blog into a book one day and it would be nice if I could have a family book. Not another baby book for Oak (as much as we love him).

We do have some fun things coming up real soon. Like 2 birthdays, family pictures (hopefully in the snow), and trying to get Oaklen to eat yummy sweets like ice cream, whip cream and pudding. He's never been a fan and I find that so not normal.

P.S. you can find me over at a year of you and me which is a new site my sisters and I have recently started. And I actually keep up with that one.

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