February 21, 2012

dear Oak,

These last few weeks have been...challenging. Probably the most challenging since you've been born. With each month as you got older, your dad and I kept saying "this is my favorite stage!". We just loved seeing your growing personality and watching you learn. Eighteen months was so fun. You were such a little boy and not a baby anymore. And I was surprisingly OK with that.
And then month 22 and 23 came.

I have to admit. As much as I love your stinkin' guts, I can't WAIT for this stage to be OVER. I can't figure out what's to blame. The terrible twos? Two year molars? Separation anxiety? Night terrors? It's been a battle. And the last two weeks have been complete torture. You scream, cry, growl, whine, smack, hit and throw tantrums at everything. You wake up between midnight and 2 every night (every night!!) screaming at the top of your lungs. Sometimes for more than an hour each night. Things like the word "no", your car seat, or heaven forbid, mom taking a shower without you, means a one way ticket to tantrum town. And your meltdowns are ugly. I have been tested beyond belief, my patience went from 0 to -6 overnight and of course not being able to lift you has made things 5 times worse.

But the good things (because I promise I still love you) are still there. Underneath this new attitude is the same sweet Oaklen who has to have mama, and only mama, kiss his owie's when he's hurt or sad. The little boy who wakes up at night and kisses mom on the head before returning to his sleepy dreams. Or climbing into mom's lap whenever she's sitting, just because you want to be near her and feel her touch.

As hard as these times may be, I'm grateful for them. Because when those few sweet and glorious moments happen, I appreciate them more than I normally would. It's a nice reminder that, hey, I do kind of like having you around. ;-)

I love you, little boy.
But good riddance to these terrible twos!

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