April 10, 2012

life according to instagram

A little Instagram goodness. I'm new! @laurgerber

This Easter weekend was big and empty to fill as we please. Straton had Friday off (oh yeah, remember him? The man that's been working like a crazy person?) so we had a nice family weekend. We spent lots of time at baby animal days, petting the stinky goats and holding bunnies and chickens. The line for the baby bears was over a mile long so we scratched that off of our to-do list and bought some yummy candy instead. That's one reason I like Easter. Easter candy. And from the picture of my (surprise) Easter basket from Strat, you can tell I was really diggin' Easter this year!

Hopefully Spring has sprung and is here to stay this time. We could use a lot more weekends like this one. Skateboard rides included. 

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