March 12, 2010

Our little guy

  • It's a rare occasion that I can get this little boy to open his eyes. He's really good at sleeping through the day (no matter how hard I try to keep him awake), eating, peeing and pooping. I've gone through a whole package of diapers already, and he loves to poop and pee on me as I'm wiping his bum. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.... =)
  • He eats every 2 hours on the dot. So I'm not getting much sleep. Especially when he likes to wake up for a bit after each feeding.
  • He can fart bigger, longer and louder then most adults. It's quite amazing.
  • He grunts and snorts when he can't find his food source fast enough.
  • We go through about 2 outfits each day with him. Like I said...he's a pooper.
  • We're still having a hard time getting him to sleep in his crib. He does much better in his boppy next to me in bed. Actually, I think we all do better.
  • My biggest fear during the whole pregnancy has come full force and now makes me incredibly emotional. We've seen 2 different doctors about his circumcision and are about to see our third. It's breaking my heart to see him go through all this pain. NEW SUBJECT.
Mommy & Daddy
  • I'm feeling great. I take some naps while Oaklen sleeps, but don't feel overly tired throughout the day. It hits me by about 8 at night though.
  • Straton has been amazing these past 11 days. He takes care of me, and is super loving which is what I really need right now.
Having Oaklen has really brought us a lot closer. We're loving our little Oaklen!!


Rohatinskys said...

Uhh...ya! look way too good to have just had a baby. Hate you. that's all I have to say. =)

(PS:Your baby is sooooooooo cute! And which book is Straton reading?)

Auntie Patty said...

Lauren you look great!! What's going on with the circumcision? He is a beautiful baby!!! Just beautiful!

Julie said...

Hi my names Lauren and I look skinny after having a baby...blah blah blah. I hate you. (insert Mango holding his hand out) I no like you no more.

Lauren said...

thank you! It's all the breastfeeding!

Jena- I think it's called Mommy's little star? Or something close to it. And weren't you back in your regular jeans like 2 weeks after giving birth?! yeah...that's what I thought. ;-)

Aunt Patty- To give you a brief summary (because I will cry if I go into detail) the dr. forgot to mention that we had to pull the skin back asap, another dr. had to re-slice it open, and now it looks completely butchered and Straton and I have no idea what we're doing.

Julie- we can't all be really, really really, ridiculously good looking. (insert Blue Steel face)

Derek said...

He's so cute! Congratulations guys, Enjoy this time, (Y'know, The late night feedings and rocking) It doesn't last very long, Soon you'll be looking back and wondering how it all happened so fast. Amy and I are terrible bloggers but we can't believe how big Brooklynn is when we look back because it happens just a day at a time. Take lots of pictures! You guys make a cute family!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Oh wow you look awesome. I'm sorry to hear about poor baby and his hurt condition. We will pray for you guys. Lots of love from Uncle and aunty Tyson & Martha.

Jaime said...

Strat looks like Dax Sheppard in that picture.

Ben and Brie Smith said...

he is so adorable lauren..and im sure he will be ok. =) im so sad that we weren't able to come up this past weekend. i really wish we had so that i could see you guys and Oaklen and of course landon too. lol but ben's job isn't doin so good right now. so hopefully we will come soon!! miss you guys!!!

Auntie Patty said...

Oh Lauren, he will be will heel up and be perfect!! LOL All this will soon be behind you! Just keep it lubricated and keep an eye on's all GOOD!!! Love you


Oh my goodness look at your cute lil family! Oaklen looks like he might be a lil Straton junior!

Whit said...

what a cute little guy! i hope you're doing well. i can't wait to see/meet him in real life!