March 17, 2010


This Sunday (March 21st) is Oaklen's blessing. All family and friends are invited! If you'd like to go, leave your email in a comment or contact me and I'll give you the information to where and when!

Warning- I know everyone will want to see and hold him, but he is still so new! So please keep that in mind and please don't get offended if we don't pass him around. =)

I'll leave you all with this 4 generation picture. Straton's grandpa is just all sorts of cute.


Mom said...

Lauren, you need to frame that 4 generation picture! That is really awesome!!

GiGi said...

Lauren: I need to get a 4 generation picture with you, your Mom, and, of course, Oaklen just as soon as we are all together. That picture of Straton with Dad, Grandpa and Greatgrandpa is priceless. Yes, it deserves a frame!!!!!