April 5, 2010

Family pictures

We spent Oaklen's first Easter with Straton's parents watching conference and eating yummy food, and took lots of family pictures. Here are just a few of my favorite.


Tyson Gerber said...

Awesome. did Debbie take those?

Josh and Jena said...

Cute cute cute cute cute!!!! I love all of your last posts. I can't believe how big he is already and how freaking tiny you are already. Good for you! You are such a cute mom. Enjoy every second of it!

Breea and Bryan said...

He is so cute! I can't get over it. I wish we could have been there for his blessing.
Also, we saw Straton's brother and his wife in the temple last night. It was so funny. They are also sad that they haven't seen Oaklen in person yet.

Julie said...

Dear Lauren,
Please go buy a plane ticket and come see me now. Right now.
K bye,
Your favorite sister