April 12, 2010

multiply & replenish

This last Saturday was the Gerber gals party at Straton's grandparents house. The girls had a fun get together, and the boys got to clean the yard. =) Pretty nice trade-off.
I was the last of seven girls to have a baby in his family. These are all the babies but one. And they are all about 2-3 months apart! Talk about a baby boom in the Gerber family. It's going to be so much fun when these kids get a little older and start playing together! Or it could be complete chaos with 7 two year olds running around...either way.

I'm hoping I get their age in order and their names spelled correctly.
Oldest to youngest: Olivia (not pictured), Lexie, Gavin (blue binkie), Wyatt (bottom right), Hunter (bottom left), Grayson (left car seat), and Oaklen!!


Sam said...

I hear you on the baby boom. We had ours, my sister had one a week later, and my sister-in-law is due the end of this month. My other sister-in-law is due in June. Good times ahead!

Ashley Eliza said...

I noticed you commented on BBL's blog for the photo giveaway, even though you didn't win since you commented I will give you a discount :) If you're interested email me ashley.shippen@gmail.com