April 14, 2010

We're getting somewhere.

I've been reading Baby Wise (thank you D.I.), and its all about how to get your baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night. I've been trying their "program" and about two days into it, I already saw results. Seriously. This book may be my new best friend. Oaklen usually wakes up every 2 hours (sometimes earlier), and has some hard times getting to sleep, but since this book, he's been doing so much better! The second night he only woke up at 3 and 6 a.m. to eat and went right back to bed. It felt SO good to sleep that much!

I've also been feeding him every 2 1/2-3 hours which is so much better on me as well. What a difference an hour makes!! Now I feel like I can do things with my day and that I'm not constantly feeding him. I'm really hoping this new schedule is sticking and that we can get him sleeping through the night soon. We would all enjoy that. =)

Keep up the good work, buddy!


Ben and Brie Smith said...

i've heard so much about that book! everyone i talk to says they have read it and followed it and it works!! so now that you're saying it works, i might have to get it when our baby girl comes! i definitely will want all the sleep i can get! hahah im glad everything's going well with you guys! he's looking so darn cute!!

Olsen Family said...

I did it with Maddyn and she slept through the night so fast. I plan on doing it with this baby from day one. It really helps to know what they need next because they are on a schedule.