April 20, 2010

you decide.

Since Oaklen was born, all I've heard is that he looks like a Gerber. The only thing he inherited from me apparently is my brown hair and lips. But as he gets older, I've been hearing more people say he looks like me. I really can't tell yet. Sometimes I think he looks like me (like when he sleeps), but sometimes I think he looks like Straton. I don't have any of my baby pictures with me here in Logan, so once I get some it will be fun to compare.

So just for fun, I want to know what you all think. I know he still kinda has that "newborn look" and you really can't tell a whole lot, but it's fun to hear what others think. I'm hoping he gets a good mixture of the two of us. So go ahead and tell it how it really is. Is he a mini Straton? Is he as good lookin as his mama?! ;-)  Or was he incredibly blessed with both of our really, really ridiculously good looks?!

You all better say he looks just like me. =)  just kidding.........(but really.)

{This is the only picture I have of me at the moment, so look REAL close.}




I had to throw this one on here because, yes, he looks exactly like his daddy. 


Mom said...

Sorry Lauren, but except for the blond hair, he is Straten all the way!!! Maybe when he gets fatter he'll look more like Mommy. Good thing you married a Handsome guy!!

Jaime said...

Are you kidding, do you really even have to ask. He is a Gerber through and through. I think he even looks more like Strat's dad than him. Strong genes!!
But he is getting your baby fat, he just might be as Ginormous as you were as a baby.
No matter who he looks like he is his own little person and so stinkin' cute!
*kisses from Auntie Jaime

Lexsie and Steve said...

I think he looks like both of you! He just has a lot of Straton's features :)

GiGi said...

Have to agree with your Mom and Auntie Jaime but I think it's nice to have the boys look like their Daddy and when you have a girl she will look like you - what a good looking family that will be!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some fun pictures. I think he has a good mix of the both of you.
But that last one. I do have to admit by the baby picture he does look alot like his dad.

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

for sure a gerber!

Julie said...

Where is Gaylan's picture???

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

I think his expressions come from both of you! He looks like you! Your sooooo good at blogging! jael

Auntie Jan said...

The eyes and nose look just like Straton, but it is too soon to tell. I want pictures of all of you as one-year-olds!! Whoever he looks like, he is a CUTIE!!!!!!XXOO