April 23, 2010

Crap. Literally.

This morning (again at 7...seeing a pattern?), Oaklen decided to have a big mess in his diaper. I wait a few minutes to make sure he's finished, even though it definately sounded like it. I put him on the changing pad, got him out of his pajamas, and in the midst of wiping his cute bum, he decides to shoot, I repeat, SHOOT poo all over!! He covered his pj's, the changing pad, the carpet and my leg. I called Straton to help me out because I was completely frozen in shock that he could even go that much, after already filling his diaper. Funny thing is I thought it was hilarious. Maybe his big smile right after contributes to me thinking it was so funny. Because the poo stain in my carpet surely isn't.

The greatest part about the whole thing - his bum was completely unscathed.  -???!!!!!-
So after the initial "holy crap"s and the "how in the world!"s, my next thought was "oh yeah, this is blog worthy."

And I completely fell in love with this boy all over again. =)

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