June 22, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Our (year old) computer monitor decided to die on us a couple weeks ago which wasn't the greatest thing at the time. It just so happened to die right in the middle of work, sewing projects, Straton's Father's Day gift and a birthday present for a family member. All things that were on my computer and I had no way of getting to. So we're a little late on wishing Straton a Happy Father's Day.

Straton really is amazing help when it comes to raising Oaklen. If I need him, he's right there.
I could sit and watch him play with Oaklen all day long. It makes me look at Straton in a whole new way.
Straton's parents did such a wonderful job raising him. I hope Oaklen learns to be just like his Daddy. We love you so much Straton! I hope you feel like an amazing father, because you're becoming one day after day.

To my Dad:
Thank you for being the best father and example to me. You've always been close to me, even at those times you didn't feel or see it. I've always looked up to you in so many ways. Words can't express how much I love you. I don't think there is a better father out there. I'll always be your "little boy". =)


Mom said...

yes, I chose well. (so did you)

Savannah Woods said...

your wedding dress is just divine! You look so beautiful!

-Savannah (Ireland)