June 10, 2010

New Findings

I'm truly not a fan of thumb sucking. The main reason being that it's easier to wean a baby off a pacifier than their own thumb, obviously. For some reason though, I find it incredibly cute when little babies do it. I think watching their mouths suck away is the funniest part about it. So naturally, I couldn't help but laugh when I found Oaklen like this today:

He's been doing it all day! I think he's just discovered his thumb and that he'll forget about it tomorrow. Another part of me is telling me to get his thumb out before he DOES remember what he's doing.

Anybody else have a thumb sucker? Is it a phase, or did it start out like this?


Mom said...

Take it out!! It's cute now but it won't be when he's 5!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am with you I hate thumb suckers. But...Guess What? I have one exepet it's her two fingers. I have tried and tried to stop her. Let's hope she stops.