July 7, 2010

These Moments

Last night as I kissed Oak goodnight as he was sleeping in his crib, I could smell that sweet newborn smell that I remember smelling so strongly those days in the hospital. I don't think there is a better smell than that. It made me want to look through all the pictures we had taken of his first days and hold my baby close. It's these moments that make my love for him grow so much stronger. The unexpected moments like cuddling up close to me after a late night feeding. Or a big smile when he hears me say good morning, before his eyes are even open.  Or seeing your name around their tiny little leg.

And when I experience moments with both Oaklen and his Daddy, it makes that moment so much sweeter. Like laying in bed together, listening to our baby boy talk and coo. Smiling and laughing together. Or watching him pat his back until he's sound asleep.

"It was the tiniest thing 
I ever decided to put my whole life into."
 Terri Guillemets

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Lindsay said...

What a sweet baby! They grow so fast!