July 19, 2010

St. George = Satan's Dungeon

I was so excited to go to St. George this weekend because I had never been, and warm weather, swimming and shopping sounded like a hoot. Until I stepped out of the car.

Lauren: Holy cow it's hot outside!
Straton: It's 112 degrees!

2 Minutes Later

Lauren: Oh. MyGosh. Take me hoooome! I'm DYING!!!
Straton: I love it. I had to wear a suit all day in this kind of weather for two years. -I'm a big stud, I don't even sweat, get over it you big baby....yadda yadda yadda.-
Lauren: (wiping sweat from my head as I'm panting from an asthma attack) Find me A/C or I will destroy you!!!

I'm such a peach when I get in the heat. I blame it on a certain gene I get from a certain someone. -coughmomcough.-

All in all it was a good trip. When I was in an air conditioned place. Straton and some of his (male) family members went on a big overnight hike through the Zion Narrows while all the wives played and shopped. I kind of slacked on the picture taking, but I did get a few off Straton's phone.

P.S. I don't plan on going back to St. George unless it's winter.

{After a hard day of shopping and swimming}

{Playing outside with the dog, Hobie}


GiGi said...

Lauren: Thanks so much for the pics and comments - love to watch Oaklen grow (even if it's from a distance). Also, love that hat!!! Love to you all - keep the pics coming.

Jaime said...

Look at those lips!!! kiss them for me.

Auntie Jan said...

Love the hat!!!! Now, if you could get him to play the saxaphone!!I could just eat him up!!! More pictures please!