November 6, 2010

yeah, THAT cool

When I first heard of jeggings, I was a little against the idea. It sounded like some horrible fashion statement brought back from the 80's. I've seen them in catalogs and on the internet a ton lately. So, naturally, I got a little interested.

I went to the mall the other day just to feed my curiosity, and oh my gosh. I really don't know how I'll ever wear normal jeans again. I have these jeggings from American Eagle. They feel as comfy as leggings, but more protective like jeans. I hated wearing leggings because of the fact that they are slightly see through (especially when bending over), and extremely lightweight, underwear-ish. bada-boom, bada bam, problem solved.


Anonymous said...

Lets see you in them!:)

skippyn8 said...

They better have rhinestones on the side!