January 11, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

I've decided to take a break from my pretend cleaning, and make this wreath that I've been dying to try since I first saw it here. Besides, I've already cleaned 2 1/2 rooms from top to bottom, and already there is MORE DUST. I'm not sure when this fiasco will end, but if it doesn't soon, I'm hiring a maid.

This wreath swept me off my feet. I fell in love HARD. Especially since it's made completely of coffee filters. Yes. coffee filters! And better yet, to make 2 of them it only cost me 3 dollars, people!! Think of the possibilities!

First I made a D.I. run to see if I could salvage some really nasty wreath for a dollar. Hobby Lobby and Micheals had them for 4 dollars each and I wanted to keep my total as low as possible. I scored big time at D.I. when I found not one, but two brand new straw wreaths (12") for 50 cents each! 

I snatched those suckers up, and 2 packs of coffee filters from the Dollar Tree (size 3 1/4"), and raced home.

This is how I put mine together - 
What you'll need:
  • wreath (Styrofoam, straw)
  • coffee filters (if your making a large wreath, try to find large filters)
  • glue gun and glue (or anything else to secure it)

First you fold the coffee filter in half

Then in half again

Then glue it to the wreath. (I kept the plastic on my wreath. There is no point in taking it off.) I used an overlapping pattern to place my filters on the wreath. You'll have to judge it as you go, and maybe practice before you glue them down, but I place one on the outside, one on the inside and then one in the middle, and repeat. You just want it to blend together and fill any gaps.

Once it's finished you can take scissors and trim any filters that stick up to high, or shape it more into a circle.

You should have something like this! -

I apologize for the crappy pictures. My camera is dead so I'm using an old camera.

If you try this tutorial, please leave a link to your post so I can see it! I would love to see what you've made!


Jaime said...

I swoon!

Holly Shaw said...

Those are so cute! And so easy!

Auntie Jan said...

Made me crave a coffee mocha!!

GiGi said...

I'm so happy to be a grandma to three very talented girls (I mean young women) who are all beautiful as well. And they are all mothers of the most beautiful and handsome kidlets!

Mom said...

What is Lundstrom Park? I don"t get it.

Elizabeth said...

Those are pretty darn precious. Too bad I don't have a crafty bone in my body!

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Lauren said...

Elizabeth - Trust me. There are no crafty bones required to make this wreath. It's a piece of cake!