January 17, 2011

let the fun begin

Remember this post? Oh, how I dreaded the days when I knew I'd be waking up and holding a baby all. day. long. Don't get me wrong, I love holding the little stinker, but my arms and back were saying otherwise. Scoot forward to the day he learned how to crawl and BAM. No more fussy, hold-me-right-now-or-I'll-die baby. In fact, he'd rather do his own baby stuff and ditch mom. What a difference! I can clean the house sometimes, I can get on the computer, do my hair, get dressed in clothes instead of pajamas...it's awesome. Some would say I was privileged NOT to do those things everyday. But no my friends. It's time I shave my legs and put on some makeup because I'm BACK!

However, there are some downsides to all this new found freedom. You see, I have a ten month old monkey now, not just a baby. I could usually find him right at my feet trying so desperately to climb up my leg or pull down whatever it is I'm holding. Now I just see this:

or this:

and if I'm really lucky, I get the honors of seeing my sweet little boy doing this:

Mommy is so proud. So proud, that I took pictures AND video before tossing him into the tub, and gagging for 3 minutes straight.

Daddy - please leave the toilet seat down next time, ok? ok.

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Amanda & Jamie said...

I just had to comment to tell you that I feel ya on the toilet time, hahaha!! One time my neice went pee and forgot to flush and next thing i know, Gavin is pulling out wads of wet toilet paper and EATING THEM!!!!

Our toilet lid stays down and now his favorite game is to lift it as high as he can and let it slam. I never thought I'd be one of those people baby proofing their toilets... but I think I'm at that point, lol.

Oaklen is such a cutie!