January 24, 2011

construction zone

I apologize for my blog being MIA these last couple of days. I've now successfully switched my blog url from our names, to lundstrompark.com. I decided I wanted to nix the terribly long, boring name to something easier and better suited to me. You will be redirected back here if you type in our old url, so no worries, but you can go ahead and update any links you may have for us.

FYI - Lundstrom Park (or, as my little family likes to call it, our park) is a place that we have many cherished memories. Memories from our first, awkward dating days, to the first I love you's, to the peaceful summer engaged days, to our family picnic days and hearing Oaklen laugh for the first time. We know that each time we sit under that same old tree, it's about to be a day we will never forget.

welcome back.


GiGi said...

Yaa, I found you again. Thanks for the explanation of your new blog header - sweet!! And that picture of Oaklen is absolutely darling. Keep them coming. Love you.

GiGi said...

You should carve your initials in that tree.