January 3, 2011

I'm thinkin'

Not only is this one of the cutest kids ever, but I'm planning on growing Oaklen's hair out like this. I just hope it will look as good as his does.

photo found here

I have a feeling Oak's is going to be very straight and very thin. Which may not be very attractive. So if that's the case, I would love to do something like this:

 photo found here

actually, I think he would be dashing with locks like this:
Google image

....just kidding Grandma. =)


GiGi said...

Thank heavens!!!!! You had me worried for a minute.

Mom said...

I vote for #2. By the time he gets hair long enough for the first pic. it will be out of style!

Julie said...

Please for the love don't grow out his hair.

Auntie Jan said...

I like No. 1. Oaklen would rock that haircut! and it's okay to have long hair when they're little. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I love #1!