February 18, 2011

30 for 30: day 17

top: Old Navy / cardigan: AE / belt: thrifted / jeggings: AE / shoes: Bumper

February seems to be flying by. I feel like I'm constantly deciding on an outfit, changing and taking pictures, but it all makes the days go by much faster. I'm actually hoping it continues to rush by because I don't know how much more creative I can get with these 30 items. And I am starting to miss some clothes just hangin' out in my closet. I feel like they scream at me to wear them every time I open those doors. It's so darn tempting. But I'm staying true to the challenge and I'll take every item that doesn't belong in my 30 for 30 and stash it in a hidden place to escape the temptation if I have to. 

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