February 20, 2011

30 for 30: day 19

top: F21 / top: (white) Old Navy / cardigan: AE / jeggings: AE / shoes: Bumper

Day 18 will be posted shortly. I did get dressed, I just didn't have a hand to snap a picture. I felt like an octopus trying to hold, feed, play and care for a baby while measuring, cutting and gluing all of Oak's invites. And they are DONE! And you know what's even better?! I have to redo ALL of them!! Woohoo! And the party is less than 2 weeks away. Double woohoo!!

Someone please remind me to hire a party planner for every birthday from here on out. This may be the death of me.

P.S. helllloooo red-ish hair. If you decided to stop hiding underneath all that brown and completely take over from here on out, I would be A-OK with that. You've been hanging out for a long, long time and I think it's your turn to take center stage, kapeesh?


Essiefashion said...

I really love your shoes :D!!!

Shana said...

I second that motion! Your shoes are hot! Cutest baby boy :O) I am your newest follower!


Love at First Shoe said...

Those shoes are Fab!!!! You are too cute! Love your blog :)