February 8, 2011

everybody watch out!

The terrible twos are coming a year early for the Oakmeister. Sure he looks sweet and innocent in these photos, but tell him no, and he'll be a tantrum throwing pro.

Things that are constantly said at our house, and which usually bring on a small temper tantrum episode from Oak:

"No Oaklen. You can't play in the toilet."
"No Oaklen. garbage is yucky."
"Oaklen, please stop pulling everything out of Mommy's diaper bag"
"Pulling all of Mommy's tampons out of the box is not ok. Daddy would not be happy if he found you like this."

Oh well. I think I'll keep him. ;-)


GiGi said...

Those eyes could melt an iceberg. Enjoy those "twos" 'cause teenage years are not far away. Give him a big smooch for me.

Carie said...

Wow, those are the most amazing eyes. I have an 11 month old and feel like we say the same things to him. The things they get into! He is a cutie! Been loving your blog.


The Shearers said...

Ya know, I think as he gets older, he's looking more like you. I can totally see both of you guys in his face!

Lauren said...

Thanks everyone!

Meagan - I think he looks a lot like me. The older he gets the more he looks like me, but no one else believes me. You just made my day, haha.

The Shearers said...

I totally believe you! haha Glad I could make your day!

Auntie Jan said...

Those eyes and lips are going to give you and Straton gray hair when he hits his teens!!!! Lookout girls!!!!! He is scrumtious!!!!