May 18, 2011

baby boy pants - refashion

I've been eyeing a pair of cut-off shorts for the Oakster for a while now. 
Of course there was no way I was going to pay 20-30 dollars on shorts for my rapidly growing 1 year old. I figured I could salvage a decent pair of jeans from the D.I. that I could cut into shorts. 
As soon as I saw this little ($3) pair of pants I knew they would be the perfect little cut-offs.
It took me maybe an hour from start to finish.  Plus I made them slim fit.
Super easy and quick.

It was darn near impossible to get any straight on shots of this little guy. 
He is always moving, moving, moving now.


Amanda Marie said...

so, so, sooo cute! I'm totally loving on his shoes too.. and I'm jealous he lets you put things on his head. Gavin used to wear adorable hates ALL OF THE TIME, but I'm lucky if it will last .05 seconds now. Same goes for his face - sunglasses would never last!

Kris and Holly Garlitz said...

Love them! Super cute!

Jaime said...