May 10, 2011

blog-cation--Mother's Day

I took a little time off from blogging. Well, I took time off from my computer in general. 
It was nice to clear my head, spend time with my little guy and just relax. 
Now I feel like it's time to DO SOMETHING. 
I have projects I want to get done and places I want to go now that spring is finally here. 
Of course when I have some energy and time to do these things, we all get sick. That's my luck. 
Here's to us getting better. And to some more blogging and crafts.


I know it's late (just like last year) but I think it's only fair that I wish my mom a
happy mother's day!

(my mother's day flowers)
I was a stubborn child, "independent" tween and total pain in the butt teenager.
There are times when I look back at my past and want to smack myself upside the head.
I had no idea what I was actually doing to my own mother until I became one.

With Oaklen, it's like my heart is now walking around outside my chest. I'm hoping with every step he takes that he won't trip and fall and get hurt. I'm praying that he never breaks a bone or gets stitches.
And heaven forbid he get his heart broken one day.
Just thinking about all the life lessons I need to teach him for the future gives me ulcers.
How on earth do I do this?!
How am I supposed to teach him everything he needs to know about being a gentlemen, husband, neighbor and friend?!

It's moments like these when I want to kiss the ground my mom walks on.
I think she did a pretty darn good job raising 3 girls.
To be honest, I don't like hearing the typical "my mom is perfect" speeches that others give.
My mom isn't perfect.
Yes, that's right. She is NOT perfect.
And that's what makes me love her so much! I feel comfortable with her.
She gets me. She understands. She works hard.
She is an amazing woman. And if she were so perfect all the time I don't think I would have learned and felt so much as I did and do now. I liked seeing her make a small mistake here and there. It's just another lesson to me that mistakes happen and it's no big deal.
Move on, be happy and forget all about them.

So mom, if you're reading this and are a little confused, I just want you to know that I love you.
I love that we made mistakes and learned from them, together.
Because you weren't a perfect mother, I now feel more confident in raising my own children.
They don't always need a perfectionist, cookie cutter mother who has life figured out.
But rather someone they can learn WITH and not feel intimidated by.

Thank you for just being you, mom.
You are a fantastic mother!


 These are the only pictures I have on my computer (be thankful, mom!) but how cut is she?! 

My mom (on right) with her twin sister, Jan.

mom and (fresh off his mission) dad. hellooooo bell-bottom jumpsuit.


She's going to hate me for putting this picture up, but if that isn't the happiest/cutest face she's making.....

(leaving our wedding reception in style, baby)


Kris and Holly Garlitz said...

Love the old picture of your parents! That's awesome :)

Auntie Jan said...

Awe, i have to get a kleenex!!That's so sweet, Lauren....but you were just a normal kid. Your mom didn't know how to react after two (almost)perfect daughters!!! I got tired of having the only bad kids!!! I kinda wished you'd had been REALLY bad!! Ha Ha!