May 11, 2011

out and about

Now that Oak can walk like a champ, it makes everything so much easier. 
Going on walks with him is a new adventure. 
He has already gotten to the stage where he sometimes refuses to hold my hand. 
Now I get why my mom always made me promise to hold her hand, no matter if I was 14, 25 or 42. My response was always a yes until I realized I was "cool" and couldn't be seen doing such a thing.

Oaklen, you are hereby sentenced eternally to hand holding with 
your mother whether you like it or not. 
Failure to do so will result in torture of embarrassment by 
kissing your mother in public until you're 18 years old.


Kelley said...

good luck with the hand holding. My three year old has recently decided to let go in the middle of crossing the street and throws a fit when I try to grab him. Usually a car is stopped waiting for us also, and I have to throw a screaming toddler over my shoulder and get out of the road to solve our dilemma!

There is mandatory kissing of mom for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

PS hot shoes mama!

CC said...

Yes! My kiddo went through the same stage. :) It drove my husband crazy but whenever we went downtown I used one of those monkey backpack/leash things. I just felt safer knowing that I had a backup if he managed to escape my hand. (He never did.) He is almost three now and is really good about holding on.
After what they put us through in pregnancy, childbirth, and toddlerhood I fully believe that they've earned every bit of kissing embarrassment we can lavish on them!