May 20, 2011

to the rescue!

Here's a fun, easy and super quick (and maybe the best part, cheap) project for all those superheros out there. I hated throwing away all those lotion and shampoo bottles we were using because they seemed to be the one thing Oak would actually play with in (or out of) the tub. Forget all the toys that we happily spent money on thinking he was going to love. That cheap little bottle would do just fine in his book.

So I thought of a way to cover that empty bottle up and make it more boyish and fun for him to carry around. Plus I filled it with small rocks to give it a little something extra when he shook it.

cost: less than $5, including the cost of the lotion.
time: 40-60 min

(The face is drawn on. I didn't care to get too fancy with it.)


Lindsay said...

What a fun idea. My babies have both loved lotion bottles too! Anything that isn't a toy is cool! This is way fun! Thanks for sharing. I love all your recent posts too. The zoo looks like a blast

Meema said...

Im coming to Oakies house! Im coming to Oakies house! 4 more days!!

millie said...

i love this!
actually i just love your whole blog.
you are too dang cute!

i am spending my summer in mexico teaching english and i'm always looking for fun, easy crafts to do with the kids.

this is terrific!
consider yourself followed :)