July 19, 2011

s+s 7.9.11

It's insanely weird to me that this lady is married right now.
My "albino" (or as her father calls her, "rat") little cousin is a big girl now. 
I always called her my albino cousin when I was younger because of her glowing white hair. 
You could see through it to her pale pink scalp. 
And that's pretty much how I remember her when we were younger. 

Moving to Utah and living close to her family, I had no idea how close I would become with them. Especially Siera. 
She immediately became my little sister and best friend. 
Watching her start dating and listening to her talk about marriage made me realize how much I protected her. 
I'm so happy she found Sage and that he loves her so much. 

Here's to a very happy relationship with your husband, a bright and successful future and lots and lots of babies. Soon. =)

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